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The Empowering Resources at Furman University

Last updated February 21, 2024

By Elijah Poritzky

Hi Everyone! 

When I first came to Furman, I was a bit nervous that it would take me a long time to find my place. I did online school all throughout high school so I was unsure of how things would go. Luckily, I found lots resources that helped me comfortably find my place as a student and as an athlete. The top three that I would like to highlight today are my coaches, my professors, and organizations on campus.


My first interaction with Furman was my senior year of high school when the tennis coaches reached out to me. Even from a phone call I knew that I would be in good hands. The coaches sounded like they cared about my career as a player but also as my life as a student. As soon as I got on campus I was not disappointed. They helped me with everything from moving in to grocery shopping and finding the best set up for my dorm. Since freshman year, they are still a tremendous resource for my tennis and my life. If it is getting some extra reps to make my game better or just talking about life, I can count on my coaches to be there for me.


One of my favorite parts of Furman are the professors. In my 6 semesters I have been at Furman, I have not had a professor I didn’t like. The small class size allows me to get to know my professors which makes it easier to understand the material in class. As well as making class more enjoyable, I have got to know some of the professors in my major personally. These are now people that I can learn from in the class room and in life. If I am struggling with something in life, I never hesitate to open up and talk to the professors I am close with. Almost every time I leave their office with a new piece of advice that helps me on my path. 




On campus organizations

When I first got to Furman, I was pretty focused on my academics and my tennis. I never thought that I would do extracurricular activities because I didn’t think I would have time. The end of my freshman year I was invited to join the communications advisory board. I was unsure what it was or what it was about. I attended a meeting and found out it was a bunch of Com majors figuring out ways to make the department better and having a good time doing it. I really enjoyed it so I decided to join.

Fast forward today and I am the Vice-President of that organization and also Vice-President of the Student athlete advisory committee. The point is, these organizations have allowed me to be more involved on campus. I don’t do it because I have to, I do it because I like the people I work with and I enjoy being able to make a positive change on campus. 

A sense of comfort

No matter if it is a coach, a professor, or even an organization, all these things on Furman’s campus give me a sense of comfort as a student and as a person. Since I have been here, I feel that I have become a better tennis player, student, and person because of the resources that have been available to me.

Take care!