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Biology at Furman

Last updated November 7, 2023

By Charles Frempong

Are you passionate about understanding the composition of life, cells, microorganisms, and complex ecosystems? If yes, then welcome to Furman University’s Biology Department. Furman University provides an outstanding environment for students eager to dive into Biology. As you contemplate your academic journey, consider the countless reasons why pursuing a Biology major at Furman can set you on a path to success. 


A Strong Foundation in Biology:

Furman University offers a rigorous Biology program designed to provide students with a strong grounding in the program. The curriculum offers you the opportunity to explore and select from a wide range of tracks, comprising Cell and Molecular Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Ecology, and Earth and Environmental Science, setting you on your path of interest. The professors are dedicated to helping younot only understand the subject matter but also apply it to real-world situations.


Small Class Sizes: 

One of the many reasons why I love Furman is its commitment to small class sizes. In the Biology program, this means, I have the opportunity to engage directly with professors and form close relationships with them and my peers. In these class settings, I have had the chance to ask questions, discuss ideas, and receive personalized guidance, making the learning experience truly exceptional.


Study-Away, Hands-On Learning, & Research Opportunities: 

Furman Biology Professors understand that Biology is not just about lectures and theories, but also about hands-on experiences as well. Furman understands this and offers various opportunities for students to engage in research, internships, fieldwork, and study away programs. The department offers, among its many advantages, the popular “Wild Semester Study Away” and “Ecuadorian Ecosystems: Andes, Amazon, and Galápagos” MayX programs. For someone like me who is passionate about scientific research,

Furman University offers excellent resources and facilities. I have had the privilege of working alongside faculty members on cutting-edge research projects. This past summer, for instance, I had the privilege of working with Dr Adi Dubash of the Cell and Molecular Biology Department on Cardiac Fibrosis in the lab. This experience has not only deepened my understanding of Biology but also set me on the path to becoming a published researcher before I even graduate.

Interdisciplinary Approach: 

You cannot dispute the fact that Furman’s liberal arts education encourages students to explore connections between Biology and other fields. I have been able to integrate my passion for Biology with other disciplines as I have taken advantage of Furman’s Global Education Requirement classes, broadening my perspectives and enriching the value of my certificate.


One of the aspects that makes my experience at Furman truly unique is the opportunity to pursue a minor program in Data Analytics in addition to my major as a Biology student on the Cell & Molecular track. Other interesting minors include, but are not limited to Medicine, Health & Culture, Environmental Studies, and Science Education. The minor allows me to diversify my skills and knowledge, making me a more versatile and well-rounded graduate. 


Altogether, my journey in pursuing a Biology major at Furman University is an exciting and enriching experience that leaves me ecstatic for the future. With a strong academic foundation, hands-on opportunities, a supportive community, and the flexibility to explore other fields and add minors, I feel that I am on the right track to excel in my chosen field of Biology.