Country Roads Take Me Home

Hi! My name is Avery Hunt, and I am a sophomore Health Science major on the pre-med track here at Furman. I am from Charleston, West Virginia which is about five and a half hours away from Greenville. Growing up in West Virginia was an amazing experience, but it was time for me to spread my wings.

When I started my college search, I knew I wanted a small school with small class sizes. I toured many schools on the east coast but when I stepped onto Furman’s campus, I knew I had found where I was supposed to be. My family and I are extremely close, so driving 350 miles down south, away from them, made the idea of moving to college even more daunting. After move-in day, I soon realized that I had found a new home and was eager to explore my newfound freedom as a young college student.

My family is such an important aspect of my life and who I am. My sister and I are the best of friends, and my brother is a rascal, but I couldn’t live without him. My parents are the most wonderful support system a daughter could ask for. Since coming to college, I have realized the importance of quality family time, whether that be in-person or just a FaceTime call. I travel home on major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The drive home may be long, but it is so worth it in the end to see my whole family welcome me at the door.

I call my mom a couple of times a week to update her on the week and ask about life at home. I always have my dad on speed dial for any logistical life questions like car issues or help with a class. My sister and I FaceTime all the time to talk about life. My brother calls me occasionally but we’re always sending each other funny memes. Thanks to technology, we have learned just how easy it is to stay connected even though we are separated by 3 whole states.

Thanks for letting me tell y’all about my time at Furman as an out-of-state student!

-Avery Hunt

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