Round 2! My Second Semester Goals

Looking towards semester 2 at Furman is such an exciting feeling! Throughout my entire first semester here, I heard time and time again that “it only gets better, 2nd semester is amazing!” Now that I am officially settled in, I have my solidified group of friends, and I finally feel comfortable walking around campus alone, I can finally just sit back and enjoy – it’s the best feeling.                                                                                 

Coming back from Christmas break I was SO excited! I was reunited with my new best friends and I had so much to look forward to. For me, second semester started on January 5th when I came back to campus to participate in rush. I had been excited about doing this for years! At Furman, we have second-semester spring rush. This means you come back earlier than the rest of students and go through recruitment. I came back with so much excitement inside me. I had planned out my outfits and talked about this for weeks now – it was go time! Recruitment at Furman is different, you’re set up for success. You feel comfortable and welcomed throughout the whole process which I know is not the case at many other schools. After those 3 days of recruitment had flown by it was bid day – I was a Kappa Delta!!! This was my first goal of my second semester – to go through rush and end up in a sorority that felt like home. I had done it!

Now all the stress and nerves were behind me. Second semester started on Monday, January 10th and so far, it has already been amazing like I was told. I have 4 classes that have proven to be far above my expectations. This semester I want to continue to prioritize staying on top of my work. Doing this last semester allowed me to enjoy and have downtime to have fun and enjoy this season of life. Quickly into the semester, we had snow! I had heard Furman covered in snow was the prettiest and that was proven to be true.

I also want to continue to get involved. Freshman year is all about fresh starts, you’re faced with countless opportunities to participate in. First semester, I was faced with all these opportunities but I was still adjusting, so now that I am finally feeling settled in, I can participate and enjoy these opportunities. I want these clubs, events, and service opportunities to be prominent in my second semester here at Furman. Alongside all of this, I want to continue to explore Greenville. I am in a new city and still have so much to do and see! For me, second semester will be all about enjoying and taking full advantage of what Furman has to offer!

Thank you for listening! I will talk to you guys next week 🙂

-Olivia Pearson 

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