Game day? Game day. Game day!

My freshman year didn’t look anything like a normal year because of Covid restrictions. The thing I missed the most though was football game days! I had come to plenty of games with my family since I’m from Greenville but going to games as a student is completely different. You’re with all your friends and it feels like a whole different environment. I didn’t even know what I was missing out on until this year, but I already knew it would be so exciting because of the way upperclassmen would talk about it.









Tailgates are obviously the best part of the day. We all get dressed up in a cute outfit and the weather is either great or it feels like 100 degrees outside. No one cares though because we’re too distracted by all the social events happening. There are tents for all of Greek life and a ton of the other organizations make their own tailgates too! As a freshman, you get to walk around with your friends and meet upperclassmen or just hang out at any tent you want. What I think is so much fun is that you never have to stay at the tent your organization set up, you can go anywhere and talk to so many different people.

There’s always loud music playing and if you’re doing it right, maybe you’ll get some free food. My family comes to most of the home games and my friends and I always go out of our way to stop by their tailgate, take some food, and obviously give my family a big hug!!!










I’ve only experienced two tailgates so far, but I’m even more grateful for game days now because they’ve added so much more excitement to this year! Our tailgates have been moved inside the stadium so now every organization has their tents so close together. You see everyone you know, but you also have the chance to meet so many new people. We used to have the tailgates on the mall which is the large grassy area leading up to the football field and that’s where our tailgates were moved to for Family Weekend. We had so many families visiting and the mall was so packed. Having my parents here for a tailgate as a student was especially fun because not only did I get to introduce them to all my friends, but they got to see what my life as a Furman student looks like.

The most important part of game day – the game itself. Having a D1 football team is so much fun at a small school because you actually know some of the players. I always think it’s so cool to watch my friends play and hear their names over the speakers. We may not have the biggest student section at every game, but the alumni are always out there cheering on the Paladins! It’s so exciting to have campus full of Furman fans. I know whenever I see a small little family walking to the bookstore, that used to be me, and you know I was always begging my parents to buy me yet another Furman shirt!

I always think game days are the sweetest days because you’re surrounded by alumni who adore this school, your best friends and basically every student here on campus, and all these families who might have kids coming to Furman one day. Every game day experience is different, but I know I’m always so excited when I know we’re about to have a home game. If you’ve never gotten the chance to see a Furman game day before, come on down because you’re missing out! Oh, and maybe keep your eyes peeled for a little girl begging her dad for a Furman shirt… who knows, she could be telling that as part of her “Furman story” one day!

All the love!


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