Quick Eats on Campus

By: Emily Enlow

Need a quick bite between classes? That morning caffeine wearing off? Furman has a ton of dining options, but I want to highlight my favorite quick snack options on campus: The Library Café and the Barnes and Noble Starbucks.

The Library Café is my favorite dining spot on campus. They serve coffee, tea, smoothies, bagels, local pastries, and grab-n-go meals. After a study session in the Library or during a break between classes, my go-to order is a Tropical Heat smoothie and a bagel sandwich. There are always people in and out of The Lib Café, so I always run into someone I know for a quick chat before returning to work.

The Barnes and Noble Starbucks is another place on campus to re-caffeinate. In addition to the Starbucks menu, they offer smoothies and sandwiches that are a great alternative to a big meal if you’re in a hurry. Pro-Tip: If you have a break in your day when you know other classes are being held, the Starbucks line is almost always empty. You can grab your coffee and settle into one of the comfy chairs in the bookstore or sit under an umbrella outside on the Trone patio.

College may feel like a very fast paced lifestyle. You are learning new materials from class to class, constantly meeting new classmates and professors, and joining new clubs every year. The Barnes and Noble Starbucks and Library Café are perfect options for any students on the go- in between the fast pace that you may face here at Furman!

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