Internships in GVL

By Colin Klaff

Internships here in Greenville come in many forms. Whether the internship you are after is connected to Furman, at Furman, or not affiliated at all, the internship office and career center are here to help. Many students here take part in some sort of internship throughout their time at Furman. This culture of driven individuals who are after these internships and research opportunities is very cool because you are always surrounded by people that make you want to be your best self.

Both the internship office and career center are very helpful in your search and efforts to get an internship for the summer. I have met with them a number of times each year because they give great input on resumes and cover letters and are always willing to proofread them before you send them out to possible employers. Not only do they help with applying, but they are very helpful with finding internships that you are interested in. They help with this through two different platforms that have postings for internships. The first one is a the Internship office’s platform.

Their website is very cool because it lists thousands of internship opportunities at companies that Furman has a connection with or a Furman student or alumni has worked at. This is a really useful place to find something you are interested in and its always really cool to reach out to the alumni and create some special new contacts.

The other website that is used to find internships or even jobs is Handshake. The career center uses this website and is an extremely useful tool to find and apply to internships. It is very similar to the other website, only its not as specialized to Furman students, which is still an advantage as there are so many options and opportunities available on this platform.

Internships here in Greenville are always so cool. Whether you are working on campus as an intern, doing research, or working elsewhere in Greenville, its always an amazing place to work and spend a summer adding to your skillset and experience. Here in South Carolina is such a beautiful place to work during the summer because of the exceptional whether, lively downtown scene, and the plenty of other Furman students that are likely to be here in Greenville working as well.

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