Late Night Eats in Greenville

By Colin Klaff

If you are anything like me, you get hungry late at night and have a strong desire for something good to eat. Luckily, here in Greenville, there are plenty of late night bites around GVL that are pretty close to campus. Having places like these around is so nice for someone who likes to stay up late like myself!

The first place is very popular and known by people from all over– Insomnia Cookies. This is a relatively new place here in Greenville as it opened up a new location downtown! It is set in a new plaza right off the Main Street. This place, for those who don’t know, serves warm, amazing cookies and is open very late which is so nice!

The next place is The Cazbah, which is a great tapas restaurant also located downtown. This is a great place for quality food and it is open until as late as 1 am on the weekends for those who stay up late. Not only does this place stay open late and have great food, but being located downtown is a huge factor as well because the downtown is so beautiful at night and the atmosphere is so nice!

The last place I’ll mention is one that isn’t as fancy as the other two but is just as, if not more, popular. This is Cookout. Cookout is great because it is cheap and easy and its very close to campus. Not only is it convenient but it also is open very late. The drive thru is often packed anytime between 12-1 am, but it is the ideal place for a late night snack and milkshake.

In addition to these places, there are so many great late night locations and many of them are located downtown which makes Furman’s location so great! Greenville is an up and coming late night kind of city, and there are already so many great options for those that stay up late and are looking for something to eat!

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