What Makes Spring Semester So Great?

By Colin Klaff

The spring semester is hands down my favorite term each year. Don’t get me wrong, the fall semester, the winter season, and the entire first half of the year is always incredible, but there just seems to be a new kind of energy that emerges every spring. I feel that we owe this to many different reasons.

The first reason being the return of warm weather. I love the winter, but one of the things I always look forward to is warm weather. Greenville is such a beautiful place when the weather is warm and Furman’s campus is always at its peak beauty on warm, sunny days. The students love to spend time outside when its warm and I always feel the sense of community is at an all time high during the spring.

Spring semester always brings more opportunity for students looking to get involved on campus. People join clubs that spend lots of time outdoors, thre are plenty of volunteering opportunities, and Greek life recruitment starts. Because of these opportunities and the incoming warm weather, I feel like the campus and its community feels much closer to each other.

With the weather changing and the new people you can meet through the opportunities to get involved, its the perfect semester to do fun things on campus and around Greenville. Walking around the lake, playing beach volleyball, basketball, spike-ball, and sun bathing are a few of the great things students like to do when the weather gets warmer. There is also hiking at Paris Mountain, site seeing at Bald Rock, enjoying a picnic in Reedy Fall’s Park, and walking around downtown. Downtown always feels extra special to me when its sunny and warm- its instantly a place where I want to spend a spring day.

There is so much to look forward to each Spring and I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer. I love the winter and cold weather a lot, in fact it snowed the other night here and it was awesome, but I am ready for my favorite half of the school year to hit its stride.

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