Tuition & Fees

Tuition for summer session is assessed per credit enrolled. The rate this summer is $1022 per credit. Students enrolled exclusively in zero-credit courses will be charged $255 (1/4 of one credit). Additional fees, such as housing or travel costs, may also be assessed as applicable. Tuition invoices will be generated beginning in mid-April. Payment arrangements for students registering after invoices have been generated must be complete before an enrollment request may be processed.

Payment is absolutely due no later than Friday, May 24. Any registration not paid in full may be canceled if we have not received payment by this date. Registrations completed after this date are subject to the $100 late registration fee.

  • Undergraduate tuition per credit
  • Late registration fee
  • Auditor per credit

For additional information on fees for room and board, contact Housing and Residence Life at 864.294.2092.

Refund Policy:

Students who withdraw from summer session courses may receive a partial refund based on the schedule shown below.

Tuition and applied music fees

  • No more than (<) 10% of course meetings completed
  • More than (>) 10%, but no more than (<=) 20% of course meetings completed
  • More than (>) 20%, but no more than (<=) 30% of course meetings completed
  • More than (>) 30%, but no more than (<=) 40% of course meetings completed
  • More than (>) 40% of course meetings completed

Room fees

No refund if registration has been completed.

Financial Aid

Students enrolled on at least a half-time basis (six credits) during the summer session may be eligible for student loans. Consult the Financial Aid web site for more specifics.

Seek Financial Aid


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Meal Plan Selection

Meal plans are available for either or both of the summer sessions, so you aren’t required to pay as you go to eat on campus.

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