Student smiling during student awards dinner

Student Awards

David Redburn Award

In recognition of Dr. David Redburn’s leadership and service, this award goes to a sociology major who has demonstrated outstanding academic promise, leadership, and service.

Elta Cover Award

This award is given in recognition of the social research that most effectively uses statistical methods to describe the subject of study, and persuasively draw conclusions using inferential and/or non-inferential methods of study.

James Dan Cover Award

The James Dan Cover Award recognizes majors for developing the best research project in our sociology seminar.

Johnson-Webb Award

The Johnson-Webb Award is an annual scholarship awarded to the junior or senior major who has shown general excellence and academic promise in the field of sociology. It was established in 1984 by Dr. Eugene M. Johnson, emeritis professor of sociology, and Mrs. Johnson, instructor of speech and drama, in honor of his parents who were long-time educators in the Louisiana public school system.