Summer Research Fellowship

Religion faculty enjoy working with qualified students in summer research through the Summer Research Fellowship. If you have interest in this kind of work, especially if you plan graduate school, begin investigating research possibilities with Religion faculty who work in an area with which you have some experience as early as possible. Applications for the upcoming summer are due early second semester and include a plan for your project. Planning ahead is key.

A variety of projects are possible. In the past students have worked with faculty on the Harvard Pluralism Project, which in 1991 began a pioneering study of America’s changing religious landscape. Expanding Furman’s Pluralism Project is one research possibility, but there are many others.

Summer Teaching Fellowship

Students with special academic strengths are may also apply to be teaching assistants for members of the Religion Department, usually for a course the student has previously taken. Teaching assistant duties usually include discussion groups, study sessions, and sometimes short lectures or other duties. Speak to the professor regarding this possibility. Learn more about receiving a Summer Teaching Fellowship.

Robert L. and Dorothy W. Cate Research Fellowship

In 2005 the Cate Fellowship was established to honor Robert L. Cate, a Baptist pastor, teacher, and author, and Furman trustee from 1970-74.  The award also honors his wife Dorothy W. Cate. The fund is used to support one or more fellowships for collaborative research with Religion faculty.  The yearly recipient(s) are chosen in the fall on the basis of scholarship and interest by members of the Religion Department. Juniors or Seniors are eligible for this award.

For some time Religion majors interested in ministry have worked with the Exploration of Vocation and Ministry (EVM) program in securing internships. The Religion department is working to expand internship possibilities into other areas. Discuss possibilities with your professors.