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Faculty News

Our faculty regularly publish articles in academic journals and provide commentary in national, state, and local media outlets.

Dr. Brittany Arsiniega, Professor Teresa Cosby, Spencer Richardson ’20, Kylie Berube ’21, “Race and Prohibition Movements,” Tennessee Journal of Race, Gender, & Social Justice.

Dr. Brittany Arsiniega, news coverage by local CBS affiliate WSPA on the proposed South Carolina hates crimes bill.

Dr. Danielle Vinson, “(Re)shaping online narratives: when bots promote the message of President Trump during his first impeachment,” PeerJ Computer Science.

Dr. Buket Oztas, “Insurgent-Generated Content and Framing of ‘The New Internationalist Commune’ of Rojava,” International Journal of Communication (contributed by POL students Julia Freeman ’20 and Caroline Ring ’21).

Why We Are Restless: On the Modern Quest for Contentment, a book co-authored by Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Storey, made three “books of the year” lists: THINK Theology, First Things, and Seminary Co-op 2021 Notables.

Dr. David Fleming and Dr. Brooke Culclasure, “A Multi-State Analysis of Public Montessori Programs,” presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (April 2022).

What We Can Learn from Native American Politics,” an interview with Dr. Danielle Vinson.

The Tocqueville Program Fosters Self-Governing Citizens,” RealClearWire. Mike Sabo, the editor of RealClear’s American Civics portal, profiles The Tocqueville Program, directed by Drs. Benjamin and Jenna Storey.

Dr. Benjamin Storey, “Our Modern Disquiet,” Dilemma podcast with Jay Shapiro.

Dr. Jim Guth, “The Partisanship of Protestant Clergy in the 2016 Presidential Election,” Politics and Religion (Cambridge University Press).

Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Storey, “‘The Constitution of Knowledge’ Review: Credentials Versus Fruits,” The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Storey, “‘The Constitution of Knowledge’ Review: Credentials Versus Fruits,” The Wall Street Journal.

Hope for the Lost Souls of Liberalism,” The Wall Street Journal.  Editorial writer Barton Swaim interviews Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Storey.

Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Storey, “The Pause: On Learning to Live Well with Time,” VIRTUE (the flagship publication of the Institute for Classical Education.

Dr. Brent Nelsen, “Why Has Covid and the Response to Covid Become so Political?Why SC.

Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Storey, “Balancing Act: How the Renaissance ideal became a pointless hustle,” Humanities.

Dr. Danielle Vinson, “Looking at American Politics Through the Prism of Native American Culture and Experience,” Perspectives in Religious Studies.

Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Storey, “How to overcome the ‘crushing burden’ of choice,” Irish Times.

A photo by Dr. Buket Oztas makes the cover of Nationalities Papers, a publication of Cambridge University Press.

Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Storey contributed to “What We’ll Keep,” The Washington Post.

Dr. Benjamin Storey and Dr. Jenna Story, “On spending one’s chips: Reason, restlessness, and the pursuit of happiness,” ABC Religion & Ethics.

Dr. Brittany Arsiniega, “The Girl with Two Names,” The Greenville News (subscription only) and USA Today.

Dr. Danielle Vinson, “Nikki Haley Breaks with Donald Trump: “We need to acknowledge he let us down,” The Post & Courier.

Dr. Brittany Arsiniega, “Beyond Big Law: Toward a More Inclusive Study of Gender in the Legal Profession,” UCLA Women’s Law Journal.

Drs. Brittany Arsiniega, Teresa Cosby, Jim Guth, Glen Halva-Neubauer, Liz Smith and Danielle Vinson, “Doing the Hard Work of Keeping Our Republic,” Greenville News.

Dr. Akan Malici, “After the Attempted Coup in Washington, Americans should rethink overthrowing other peoples’ Governments,” Informed Comment.

Dr. Akan Malici, “Top Three Ways Biden can get us out of Forever Wars,” Informed Consent.

Dr. Aaron Zubia, “The Founders’ Guide to ‘Knock Down, Drag Out’ Fighting,” Wall Street Journal.