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What Can I Do With a Degree in Mathematics?

If you think studying mathematics will only open the doors to academia or research, think again. A degree in mathematics will take you anywhere, especially with the liberal arts background provided by Furman’s education. There is considerably more flexibility to the degree than you think.

The versatility of math majors improves marketability and demand. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an increase of employment in math occupations of 28% from 2020 to 2030. They expect close to 68,000 more jobs within occupations available to math majors.

Math remains infused into the backbone of our society, from the construction of a video game to the internal functions that occur when you purchase something online. Math majors may become employees of the government, academic institutions, technology businesses, financial firms and agencies, and many others. Keep in mind that you may need to obtain advanced degrees for some careers.

Critical thinking, problem-solving, quantitative reasoning, communication, and the ability to analyze and synthesize data are all abilities honed within our mathematics program. 61% of our majors double major or are within our interdisciplinary Mathematics-Economics program, granting additional flexibility of study.

Take a look at the degrees offered in our department to see if any align with your career interests. Be sure to also look at our page about introductory math courses to map out the first step into beginning a major in mathematics. To increase marketability after graduation, take a few classes in computer sciences in order to open the door to more software opportunities.

If you have more questions, speak to our administrative assistant, Mickey Fray. We are happy to provide help and answer any questions you have as you begin your journey at Furman!