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Individualized Curriculum

What is an individualized curriculum?

Furman has dozens of undergraduate majors and minors, covering a broad array of academic pursuits, but we also recognize that not every student’s educational goals can be reached within a single preexisting program. If you can’t find a particular major within Furman’s course catalog, the individualized curriculum program allows you to design your own, with the help of your academic advising team, creating your own educational path using courses from three different academic departments.

Why study an individualized curriculum at Furman?

Furman is dedicated to the concept that a liberal arts and sciences education is not about limiting yourself to a narrow field. Interdisciplinary studies are in our DNA, and students are encouraged to make connections between separate interests and be active drivers on their paths toward their degrees. Many campus spaces have been built with collaborations in mind ­–professors with students as well as students with each other. And in every academic discipline at Furman, you will find instructors at the very top of their fields. Plan a visit to Furman’s beautiful campus or start your application today.

How will you learn?

Your Furman career will offer rich experiences both in and out of the classroom for a broad variety of study areas. Our focus on engaged learning leverages our strong undergraduate research, internship and study away opportunities. Small class sizes allow you to work directly with renowned professors with deep expertise in their domains. Visit our campus or request information to learn more.

Careers for individualized curriculum majors

A graduate with an individualized curriculum degree demonstrates to a potential employer or graduate schools a deep interest and abundant experience in a specific subject. An individualized curriculum is also well-suited to future entrepreneurs who aim to blaze trails that have yet to appear on any maps.

Individualized curriculum examples:

Through the individualized curriculum program, Furman students have graduated with bachelor’s degrees in fields such as:

  • Marketing
  • Arts and sciences integration for environmental awareness
  • Design and development
  • Digital media
  • Sustainable development and social change
  • Health journalism
  • Philosophy, politics and economics
  • Advocacy and justice studies

Individualized curriculum requirements

Students interested in pursuing an individualized curriculum program should fill out a proposal form and prepare an essay that explains your proposed area of study and then work with an advisor to select courses for the proposed major. These will be submitted to the Academic Policies Committee for approval. Typically, a minimum of a 2.50 GPA is required. Proposed programs should be consistent with Furman’s liberal arts and sciences philosophy and contain thematically related courses that will meet your educational goals. Students are still expected to complete all other graduation requirements. Learn more and start your proposal.

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What our students say

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“The individualized curriculum program has allowed me to take full control over my education and dive deeply and creatively into a question that could only be answered in an interdisciplinary way. The ICP is challenging in all the best ways and is a true experiment in innovation. Through the ICP I have learned how to advocate and invest in myself and my educational goals.” – Asha Marie Larson-Baldwin ’22


What can you do with an individualized curriculum degree?

Career possibilities are limited only by the student’s interests and imagination. Graduates leave Furman with a strong background in critical thinking, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and analysis, all attributes that are attractive to potential employers and invaluable in graduate school.

What is the average salary for individualized curriculum majors?

Graduates with an interdisciplinary studies degree earn $69,262 or more annually, with top earners seeing incomes upward of $119,000, according to ZipRecruiter.

How long does it take to earn an individualized curriculum degree?

The individualized curriculum degree program at Furman is typically a four-year program.

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