What is a data analytics minor?

Human beings generate an astounding amount of data every day, and we are just beginning to figure out how to harness its power. The demand for data analytics skills is increasing, as they can help gain insight, solve problems and improve outcomes in nearly every sphere in society. Furman’s data analytics minor is a secondary sequence of courses meant to complement a student’s major, helping the student apply data analytic technical competencies and principles to their main area of interest.

Why study data analytics at Furman?

As a private liberal arts and sciences university, Furman provides an exceptional environment for multidisciplinary studies, allowing students to find connections between multiple areas of interest. The data analytics minor includes course options from 10 different academic disciplines.  Students gain highly sought-after industry skills such as programming in Python and R, performing statistical analysis on messy real-world data sets, and communicating technical results to general audiences. Small class sizes help provide one-on-one access to faculty who are among the best in their fields. Students work directly with advisors on advanced research opportunities, taking advantage of state-of-the-art resources and facilities. Get in touch with our admissions team to learn more.

How will you learn?

Your Furman career will offer rich experiences both in and out of the classroom across a broad variety of study areas. Our focus on engaged learning leverages our strong undergraduate research, internship and study away opportunities. There are also opportunities to engage with the community, since some electives involve analytics projects with local companies. Small class sizes allow you to work closely with renowned professors with deep expertise in the domain-specific areas that constitute the data analytics minor. Visit our campus or request information to learn more.

Data analytics courses

Sample courses include:

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  • 150 trillion
    gigabytes of real time data that will need analysis by 2025 (Forbes)
  • 92%
    Furman graduates who participated in high-impact experiences
  • $99.31 billion
    projected market for big data in 2022 (Strategy MRC)
What our students say
“As a data analytics minor, I have become sufficient in data-driven storytelling, sharing a narrative on a how to solve a problem based on empirical evidence. I learned different skill sets to collect, analyze and visualize data effectively. I have appreciated all the experiential learning and student-drive projects in classes.”
- Rosie Kim ’22

Meet the faculty

Your academic advisor will help you explore your passions, define your interests and achieve your goals. You’ll tap into a widespread network of community and alumni mentors to help you on your individual educational path – and to the opportunities at the end of it. Furman’s data analytics faculty represents decades of study and practical expertise. Take your first steps by contacting admissions or reading more about how to apply. The Data Analytics Minor Oversight Committee includes:

Liz Bouzarth

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Roy Bower

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Kevin Hutson

Professor, Mathematics

M. Taha Kasim

Robert E. Hughes Assistant Professor of Economics

Kevin Treu

Professor and Chair
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