Explore economic ideas outside of the classroom through a variety of lectures and forums. The Furman Economic Society (FES) and Furman University Women in Economics (FUWIE) regularly organize speakers and panels on a range of topics in economics, and the American Enterprise Lecture is a signature annual event of the Department of Economics.

American Enterprise Lecture

The American Enterprise Lecture provides an opportunity to showcase the diversity of economic research and ideas. Each year, a distinguished expert is invited to deliver the American Enterprise Lecture, funded by Marsh McLennan. Our students have the opportunity not only to attend the lecture but also to interact with our esteemed guest.

Recent American Enterprise Lectures include:

  • 2011: Caroline Hoxby – What Can Economics Teach Us About Education?
  • 2012: Christina Romer – Does Fiscal Policy Work? New Evidence on an Old Question
  • 2013: Betsey Stevenson – Subjective Well-being, Economic Growth, and Inequality: What Do We Know?
  • 2014: Amy Finkelstein – The Impact of Expanding Medicaid: Evidence from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
  • 2015: Dani Rodrik – Economics, Ideas, and Interests
  • 2016: Alan Blinder – Why Does the Economy Do Better Under Democratic Presidents?
  • 2017: David Autor – Automation and Employment: Why Are There Still So Many Jobs?
  • 2018: Ken Rogoff – The Curse of Cash: The Past, Present, and Future of Currency from early standardized coinage to Bitcoin
  • 2019: Shelly Lundberg – Family and Educational Inequality
  • 2020: Kai Ryssdal – Information and Misinformation: Economic Journalism in the 21st Century
  • 2021: Gary Hoover – Economic Policies, Economic Shocks, and Racial Inequalities
  • 2022: Dave Donaldson – Trade Wars, Trade Talks, and Trade Truths
  • 2023: Sandra Black- Where Does Wealth Come From?

Marsh McLennan, a Fortune 250 company and a global leader in Risk and Insurance Services and Consulting with clients in more than 130 countries, has generously endowed the American Enterprise Lecture at Furman University. The American Enterprise Lecture provides an opportunity for distinguished experts to speak to students, faculty, and the Greenville community on economic matters of contemporary concern.