Furman’s Cultural Life Program (CLP) is a graduation requirement. You should behave as you would in class. This means being attentive to the performance or lecture and polite to other members of the audience. In keeping with this expectation, there are several specific and simple rules of conduct:

  • Review theStandards of Comportment before attending an event.
  •  Present your Furman ID card to the CLP monitor on duty to receive credit for attending an event.
  • Be on time. Arriving late disturbs the lecturer or performer and the other audience members. Students who arrive after the lecture or performance begins will not receive credit for the event.
  • Wait for the CLP monitor to arrive on duty before entering the event venue.
  • Be attentive and courteous. Do not talk, read, use electronic devices, sleep, or study during the event. It is distracting to the lecturer or performer and the other audience members.
  • No food or drink is permitted at CLP events unless provided as part of the event.
  • Falsification of your own or someone else’s attendance at a CLP event is a serious act of misconduct and subject to a hearing by the University Discipline committee (see “Administrative Policies: Cultural Life Program” in the student handbook). Possible penalties include “revocation of any or all CLP credits earned, increase in the number of CLP credits required for graduation, suspension from the university for a fixed period, and/or permanent dismissal from the university” (refer to the student handbook). Each student is required to show their student ID card at the beginning of an event.
  • You must attend for the entire designated period in order to receive CLP credit.
  • Any student violating conduct rules will be asked to leave. If dismissed, an individual (or group) will not receive credit for attending the event. Any member of the faculty, administration, or university’s professional staff has the authority to dismiss students who are not conducting themselves appropriately from a CLP event.