CLP speaker taking a photo with students

Designated Staff & Space Reservations

“Designated Staff” are members of staff eligible to act as Sponsor for CLP events and include:

Staff from programs reporting to the Dean of Faculty whose work specifically includes leading the planning and implementation of programming that is primarily academic in nature

Staff from Student Life with responsibilities for educational programming as specifically identified by the Vice President for Student Life or the Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students.

Designated Staff Members

  • Ken Abernethy
  • Deborah Allen
  • Jessica Berkey
  • Heidi Bostic
  • Connor Bradley
  • Natalie Brewster
  • Eric Cain
  • Connie Carson
  • Jason Cassidy
  • Beth Crews
  • Tiffany Cox
  • Shane Farmer
  • Barbara Foltz
  • Jill Fuson
  • Nancy Georgiev
  • Anthony Herrera
  • Stephanie Hesbacher
  • Neil Jamerson
  • John Kaup
  • Kim Keefer
  • Jacqueline Martin
  • Owen McFadden
  • Melissa Nichols
  • Kelly Grant¬†Purvis
  • Maya Russell
  • Kate Taber
  • Sam Tisdale
  • Mike Winiski
  • Susan Ybarra

Reserving Locations

Rooms may be reserved by logging into MyFurman and clicking on the 25Live Campus Scheduling link under the Apps heading.