Response to Reported Incident

September 30, 2022

Dear Campus Community,

I learned today that one of our faculty members participated in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, and is alleged to be associated with other organizations that are connected with white supremacist groups that promote racism, exclusion and hatred.

I and others immediately began investigating this information. As we continue to look into this matter, this professor will not teach or be on campus as we process these difficult circumstances and determine next steps.

The views of the organizers of the Unite the Right rally do not reflect the values that I hold, and they are not the values that we have committed to in our vision, mission and values statements. They are harmful to members of our community, diminish a sense of belonging, and inhibit each individual’s opportunity to thrive. It is our responsibility when matters like these come to light to engage in robust dialogue about what belonging and thriving mean on our campus and beyond. As we continue to struggle with this difficult situation, we intend to engage our campus in further conversation.

Campus leaders and members of our community will offer opportunities to process these events next week. Details will be shared as plans are finalized. Meanwhile, if you need support to discuss this incident, related issues or other concerns, please contact any of the following offices.

  • Counseling Center (Confidential): 864-294-3031
  • Spiritual Life (Confidential): 864-294-2133
  • Student Life: 864-294-2202
  • Center for Inclusive Communities (Student Life): 864-294-2076
  • Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence (faculty and staff): 864-294-2029
  • Human Resources (faculty and staff): 864-294-2217

Furman University is stronger when we embrace and celebrate diversity and when we denounce racism, exclusion and hatred.


Elizabeth Davis