Parent & Family Council

2019-2020 Academic Year


Ann Perrie and Christopher Tomlin – Mountain Brook
Jackie and Menza Dudley – Phenix City
George and Mary Buchanan – Birmingham


Nancy and Jim Thomas – Scottsdale


Dana and Chip Wilson – Castle Rock


Tae and Eric Bronner – Tampa
Kim and Matthew Hoffman – Odessa
Julia and John Soapes – Longwood
Jennifer Siebern and Chriss Spires- Ponte Vedra Beach


Karen and Jim Baker – Atlanta 
Belinda Morris – Atlanta
Michael Morris – Atlanta
Terri Rosen and Aaron Sampson – Atlanta
Ray and Lynn ’84 Smith – Atlanta
Amy and Don Barnette – Forest Park
Penny and Cary Newman – Thomasville


Karen and Gregory Strimple – Boise


Alison and Kurt Kohlmeyer – Lake Forest
Joan and Michael Garner – Lake Forest
Kris and John Palmer – Naperville
Tim and Elizabeth Dugan – Kenilworth


Becky ’89 and Tom Becherer – Louisville


Courtney and Mark Kagan – Ipswich
Carla and Howard Leeder – Natick

New York

Deirdre and Jim Glascott – Pound Ridge

North Carolina

Julie and Griffis Shuler – Winston-Salem
Kristina and Jeffrey Alvino – Charlotte
Christi ’91 and Will Byron – Charlotte
Kristi Davies ’89 and Gary Davies ’90 – Charlotte
Nancy and Bruce Downing – Charlotte
Michelle and Jeff Kennedy – Raleigh
Monique and Dallas Allen – Matthews
Harmony and Brian Garges – Durham ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Lora and Ron Smith – Chapel Hill


Niki and Dan Callanan – Columbus


Mary and Ken Clemens – Harrisburg

South Carolina

Amy and Vincent Sheheen – Camden
Melanie and Larry Kristinik – Columbia
Sarah and Andy ’84 Smith – Columbia
Haley and Sims Floyd – Columbia
Katherine Crutchfield – Daniel Island
Michelle and Jeff Kennedy – Greenville
Leslie Hunnicut-Kimmelman and Todd Kimmelman – Greenville
Suzanne ’94 and Todd ’95  Malo – Greenville
Julee and Jim Kaplan – Pickens
Charyl and Ray Schroeder – Woodruff


Kathryn and Kevin Phillips – Brentwood
Beth Singer – Nashville


Melissa and Douglas Fordyce – Houston
Alice and Scott Carruth – Tavenna


Alison and Hunt Shipman – Falls Church
Traci ’89 and Mett Miller – Alex
Krista Edwards and John Cline – Arlington
Wendy and Matt Martens – Vienna

Washington, DC

Cynthia and Noel Francisco – Washington, DC

For more information on Parent & Family Council, contact Karee White, Director of Parent Philanthropy & Engagement, via email at or by phone at 864.247.2533.