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Ken Kolb explains why place-based investment in GVL isn’t enough

Ken Kolb, Department of Sociology.

Last updated June 19, 2024

By Tina Underwood

Furman University’s Ken Kolb, chair and professor of the Department of Sociology, has drafted an update to his report “Racial Displacement in Greenville, South Carolina.” Working with The Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities and incorporating new census data in the report, Kolb explores why building more affordable housing doesn’t represent a silver bullet for the rapid decline in the city’s Black population. In addition to investing in places, Kolb says investing in people – job training, public transportation and childcare – is just as important. Learn more in a FOX Carolina story by Kennedi Harris. Spencer Donovan of The Post and Courier Greenville also covered the new findings as did Chloe Salsameda of WSPA.

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