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Burkholder’s work in social inequality cited in Scientific American

Last updated April 21, 2024

By Tina Underwood

The work of Amanda Burkholder, Furman University assistant professor of psychology, is mentioned in a Scientific American article written by Melanie Killen, Burkholder’s Ph.D. advisor. In “The Science of Reducing Prejudice in Kids,” Killen describes her Developing Inclusive Youth intervention, which helps children think through and share their views about social exclusion, why it’s unfair and why it’s necessary to stand up against stereotypes and biases. Students in Burkholder’s lab investigate similar topics such as how children learn about the world, including intergroup relationships and social inequalities. Burkholder, who joined the faculty in 2022, also serves on the scientific advisory board for a grant that is testing an updated version of the Developing Inclusive Youth intervention.

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