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Derek Snook pens book recounting lessons learned in Charleston

|Derek Snook is a 2008 Furman history graduate.|

Last updated February 16, 2018

By Tina Underwood

Derek Snook is a 2008 Furman history graduate.

Derek Snook, a 2008 Furman University history graduate, spent time teaching in Kenya, chose to live a year in a Charleston homeless shelter, and worked for a short time as a day-laborer. Not long after, he and a business partner launched In Every Story Labor Services, a non-traditional staffing company that pays higher wages, rewards reliability and hard work through profit sharing and bonuses, and aims to transition workers to full-time jobs. The Post and Courier’s Adam Parker spoke with Snook about his new book, The Definition of Success – What Living Homeless Taught Me. Learn more about the book and what others are saying about it here.

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