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Hurst, Kolb and Longest’s book published

SPRING, 2012

Allison Hurst’s book College and the Working Class was published by Sense Publishing as part of its Social Mobility Series. The book draws on a wealth of previous research to tell the stories of five very different working-class college students as they apply to, enter, successfully navigate, and complete college. Through these stories readers may learn about the obstacles working-class students face and overcome, the cost and effectiveness of higher education as a mechanism of social mobility, and the problems caused on college campuses by our reticence to meaningfully confront the class divide. Hurst continues her research in this area and is currently exploring the processes by which college graduates find meaningful careers. In December, Ken Kolb published “Victim Advocates’ Perceptions of Legal-Work” in Violence Against Women. Kyle Longest’s book, Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis, was published by Sage Press in December.

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