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Note to FROGs from Coach Roberts

Furman Coach John Roberts has a 170-62-1 career 15s record.


After a one-year hiatus, the alumni game is back on! As usual, the game will kick-off at 10 a.m. so I suggest you get to the pitch around 9 or so to warm up and get the old bones going. The team looks good this year, but I expect you can hang with them for awhile.

There are a few things you need to know about Saturday.

1) We will give you all jerseys and shorts to wear. Just find Turner, our captain, and he can set you up.

2) There are parking restrictions on Saturday. You will not be able to enter through the Timmons gate unless you have a pass. Simply enter through the front gate, park by the Chapel and walk up.

3) Because there was not a huge interest in the Friday night event, I am going to put it on hold this year.

4) Regretfully I will not be at the game. I am enrolled in a M.A. class and must be out of town this weekend for class. It is just a one-year deal, it won’t be an interference for future games.

5) Lastly, I know some of you make contributions at that the game. If you have a check, get it to Lawson Held, our president. We’ll get it deposited.


Last updated October 22, 2014
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