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The affair continues

Graham Wright (center) with members of Opus Affair

Graham Wright (center) with members of Opus Affair 

Graham Wright ’00 originally moved to Boston to get a PhD in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then he decided he’d rather be a singer, but that also wasn’t enough.

Turns out, the Florence, S.C., native need a bit more of a challenge – like, say, revolutionizing the entire arts scene in Massachusetts, and now possibly the country.

Wright founded Opus Affair, a non-profit “community of arts and friends” in an attempt to bring young lovers of the arts together, and six years and thousands of members later the organization is bursting at the seams. Or was.

Bursting moved to past tense when Wright made the decision to open a chapter in Miami, and now Opus is actively seeking expansion around the U.S. BostInno, a branch of Streetwise Media, recently published a lengthy piece on Wright, which can be found here.

Wright graduated from Furman with a degree in chemistry and also studied voice and trombone.


Last updated August 25, 2014
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