Parking and Technical Staff Charges

McAlister Auditorium serves as Furman University’s flagship venue for concerts and other cultural events. The auditorium is only available by prior arrangement. The use of the auditorium is governed by contractual arrangements between Furman and the organization leasing the auditorium.

Parking crew: Because of limited parking available adjacent to the auditorium, event staff must be provided to assist patrons at McAlister events. These arrangements will be made by the auditorium manager or their designee. The leasing organization will be charged for the event staff necessary to support their event.

Vehicles arriving on campus will be directed by signs. Event staff will park in the “A” parking lot north of Furman’s chapel. From there, patrons and performers will walk around the traffic circle to the front of McAlister Auditorium. Vehicles with handicap placards and license plates will be directed into the lot adjacent to Daniel Music Building.

Technical staff: Furman provides professional management oversight and technical support, such as lighting and sound, to organizations using McAlister Auditorium. Labor charges are based upon a four-hour minimum. The auditorium manager will determine the minimum staffing necessary to support events at McAlister and will estimate costs in advance upon request.

Facility Scheduling

McAlister Auditorium is used by campus groups and members of the wider community throughout the year. Faculty offices and music studios are also housed in the lobby. University groups receive priority in scheduling the auditorium during a set period each year. But after this period, the auditorium’s calendar opens to the public.

Shared use of facilities: Multiple groups may use portions of the auditorium at the discretion of the auditorium manager or their designee. The first group to schedule the auditorium will receive preference if a conflict over shared use arises.

Forfeiture of deposit: Furman retains any deposit if the leasing organization cancels its event.

General Regulations

The following general regulations govern the use of McAlister. Additional event-specific restrictions or requirements may apply.

Food and drink: Food and drink are prohibited in all seating areas and on the stage. Only bottled water is permitted in these areas. Furman retains exclusive rights to all concessions sales including food, drink, flowers, etc. The leasing organization may only sell or distribute concessions through a prior arrangement with Furman. The leasing organization must provide adequate staff to prevent the transportation of refreshments into seating areas. Professional ushers may be supplied for this purpose at the leasing organization’s sole expense. Alcoholic beverages may not be possessed or consumed in McAlister Auditorium.

Posters, signs, etc.: Nothing may be affixed or attached to the interior or exterior walls, doors or fixtures of the auditorium. Other displays and signs may be arranged through the auditorium manager or their designee.

Helium balloons: Balloons filled with lighter-than-air gases are prohibited from the stage and seating areas. Such balloons may only be used to decorate the lobby and/or porch if they are securely anchored.

Fire and pyrotechnics: All forms of fire and pyrotechnics are prohibited. Incense is prohibited. Unlit lamps and/or candles may be used for decorative purposes, but they may not be lit inside the building.

Aisles, seating capacity and exits: The safety of patrons, performers and staff is paramount at McAlister. Accordingly, all aisles and exits must be kept clear of persons and items. Occupancy of the auditorium by more than the number of persons specified by the fire marshal is prohibited.

Removal of equipment: No equipment may be removed from the auditorium, lobby or stage. This includes, but is not limited to, tables, chairs, music stands and instruments. The leasing organization may be charged for equipment that is damaged or removed from the building.

Use of equipment: Trained staff will be provided to operate all equipment needed to support events at McAlister. Representatives of the leasing organization may not operate auditorium equipment without the prior consent of the auditorium manager or their designee. The leasing organization will be charged for any equipment damaged by negligent or unauthorized use.

Sound checks: Because teaching spaces are currently housed in McAlister’s lobby, no amplified sound checks, including playing music, pink noise, tones, etc., may take place before 5 p.m.

Use of front porch and plaza: The porch and front plaza of the auditorium are provided for the convenience of groups holding events in McAlister. Parking in front of the auditorium is prohibited.

Displays and merchandise: The leasing organization may display materials in the lobby of McAlister Auditorium only by prior arrangement. No displays may obstruct the doors, stairways or exit paths. The sale of merchandise is permitted only through contractual arrangement with Furman.