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Furman University’s Go Further Podcast Wraps Up Season 3

Last updated January 30, 2024

By Robert Mullikin

Go Further Graphic

Portrait of Simran Goel

Go Further cohost, Graduate Assistant, and Master of Arts in Strategic Design student, Simran Goel.

Furman University’s Go Further podcast wrapped up last semester (fall 2023) with a solid season finale, highlighting a diverse lineup of season 3 episodes and guests. The two-part closing covered the season and explored the lives of hosts McNeill Mullikin and Simran Goel as both Strategic Design students and Graduate Assistants. Now that the new semester has started, let’s rewind and take a look back at season 3 of Go Further.

At the semester’s start, Mullikin and Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Kelly Grant, tackled the grad school application process – timely for prospective grad students from Furman or elsewhere. They didn’t just skim the surface; they examined all the programs Furman offers, from letters of recommendation to portfolio building.

In a follow-up, Mullikin brought Grant back, and this time joined by Master of Arts in Strategic Design student Paige Blankenship. She shared her insights on grad school and maintaining a work-life balance, juggling full-time work, studies, and motherhood. Blankenship provided wise advice for those considering going back to school just as she did. 

An episode focused on education graduate programs with Kay Goodwin, the Associate Director of Graduate Studies in Education, shed light on career paths available to students. Whether it’s the broad strokes of a Master of Arts in Teaching or specialized paths like Literacy through a Master of Arts in Education, the episode covered everything these two Furman graduate programs Furman have to offer.

The podcast also explored career opportunities for Master of Arts in Advocacy and Equity Studies students, featuring insights from program director Dr. Shaniece Criss and first-semester student Chad Boltz. They offered a glimpse into the new program’s purpose, mission, and potential paths.

Go Further podcast host and producer and Master of Arts in Strategic Design student, McNeill Mullikin.

In a later episode, Mullikin and fellow graduate assistant Anne Heaton Sanders chatted with their boss, Sara Beth Trimble, uncovering the behind-the-scenes of the Go Further podcast and shedding light on the graduate assistant role at Furman for prospective graduate assistants as Mullikin, Goel, and Sanders graduate in the coming months.

The season’s closing episode featured Blair Knobel, founder of Knobel Media and Editor in Chief of Vessel. Mullikin and Strategic Design student, Anne Silliman, delved into Knobel’s career, exploring not only the workshop she conducted but also gaining insights into her perspectives on the evolving landscape of media and journalism. Knobel shared valuable thoughts and wrapped up the conversation with advice for aspiring creatives navigating the ever-changing media industry.

In wrapping up season 3, Furman University’s Go Further podcast delivered a diverse and insightful exploration of graduate studies. From application processes and work-life balance to career opportunities, each episode offered valuable perspectives. As we kick off a new semester, the memories and lessons from season 3 will undoubtedly resonate with the Furman community.

If season 3 of the Go Further podcast has piqued your curiosity, listen to the full “Season 3 Wrap Up – Part 1” episode. The Go Further is committed to asking deeper questions and telling compelling narratives that enrich our hearts, minds, and communities. Tune in and stay connected with the Furman Graduate Studies community.