October 16, 2020

Thank you from the Public Health and Safety Advisory Group

Dear Students,

The Public Health and Safety Advisory Group was formulated in the summer of 2020 to provide data-driven recommendations to protect all members of the Furman community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Comprised of public health professionals, healthcare clinicians, public safety experts and university administrators, our group has made recommendations concerning all aspects of university operations – from classroom and building management, to dining safety, to the use of face coverings and personal safety practices, to the management of campus housing – toward the goal of preventing the spread of this virus, and determining the procedures most likely to result in the preservation of in-person operations.

Our group would like to thank each of you for upholding the policies outlined in The Paladin Promise. We understand the sacrifices that you have made to keep our campus community safe, and we deeply appreciate your continued adherence to testing protocols, wearing masks, physical distancing, hand-washing, and the limitations that have been placed on social interactions, group size, and off-campus activities.

Your willingness to uphold these practices has made Furman University a state leader in Covid-19 prevention. Other colleges and universities locally and nationally have experienced significant infection rates and virus outbreaks, and some have been forced to suspend in-person instruction, and we realize that this a risk we still face on any given day. However, through your efforts, Furman has been able to keep rates of infection low and prevent widespread virus transmission to this point.

Your accomplishments with respect to maintaining the health and safety of our community cannot be overstated: Our university’s ability to remain open is a direct result of your commitment to the stringent rules adopted to protect the campus.

We recognize this is hard, yet you have consistently demonstrated tremendous restraint and concern for one another and the community as a whole. We are grateful to and proud of you! Thank you for your care and fortitude. Keep up the great work, and go ’Dins!

With much appreciation,

The Public Health and Safety Advisory Group

Elaine Baker                Meghan Slining

Anna Cass                    Bernie Stanton

Carmela Epright          Natalie The

Ann Knowles                John Wheeler

John Milby