November 2, 2020

Spring off-campus internships, engaged learning experiences

Dear Students,

As you know, Furman has not allowed in-person, off-campus experiences such as internships and community engaged learning during the fall term, due to the pandemic.

For the spring term, the Center for Engaged Learning, with input from the COVID Response Steering Committee and the Public Health and Safety Advisory Group, has identified limited opportunities for in-person, off-campus experiences that may occur, applying specific criteria and protocols, including having a Furman contact/sponsor.

Experiences that may be permitted in the spring are those that are:

  • A graduation or certification requirement
  • Credit-bearing
  • Required for pre-professional training (i.e., pre-law, pre-health clinical observations).

One reason we are opening up the opportunity for in-person, off-campus experiences is that you have demonstrated you can follow the safety guidelines outlined in the Paladin Promise, such as physical distancing and masking. Off-campus, in-person experiences will have to conform to similar, specific safety guidelines, and students will be expected to uphold the tenets of the Paladin Promise while off-campus.

The COVID Response Steering Committee and the Public Health and Safety Advisory Group will continue to monitor COVID-19 levels on-campus and in the Greenville Community. Please know that the decision to allow in-person, off-campus experiences to occur can be reversed or modified at any point if these indicators change.

Although we are setting-up the parameters for in-person, off-campus experiences, we encourage you to consider fully virtual options, as they have shown to be impactful and provide students with meaningful engaged learning experiences that are safe and would not be disrupted if virus levels increase in the community or on-campus.

If you are considering an in-person, off-campus experience for the spring term that falls into one of the categories outlined above, please reach out to the faculty member who would supervise this experience, or reach out to the relevant office you are currently working with to secure this experience as soon as possible (e.g., Internship Office, Office of Pre-Professional Advising, Institute for the Advancement of Community Health, etc.).

In order for an in-person, off-campus experience to be approved, students must sign a waiver and a consent form, and the off-campus site must also sign an agreement. We urge you to secure an experience as early as possible so the experience can be approved and the appropriate forms completed and submitted.

If you have immediate questions, please reply to the Furman Focused email address.


Dr. Beth Pontari
Associate Provost for Engaged Learning
Professor of Psychology