There are many options to finance your education. One way is to borrow. Federal, state and private loans offer a variety of repayment options and can help you make the long-term investment of an education. However, you and your family should determine the appropriate amount to borrow.

Federal Direct Loan

The Federal Direct Loan is a low-interest student loan with flexible repayment options. Subsidized loans are offered to students who are eligible for need-based financial assistance, while unsubsidized loans are available to those who do not qualify.

Federal Direct PLUS Loans

The Federal Direct PLUS Loan is a low-interest loan available to parents of dependent undergraduate students. It can be used to borrow additional funds up to the total cost of attendance.

Alternative Loans

Other lenders may provide additional financing options. Furman cannot recommend a particular lender, so be sure to compare lenders to find the one that best fits your needs.

Guidelines & Tips

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