The Maiden Invitational Award for faculty and the Meritorious Award for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for staff are given to individuals who have demonstrated an emerging or sustained commitment to advance Furman’s value of diversity, equity and inclusion, and multiculturalism on campus. The areas where this commitment might be evident include recruitment and retention efforts, teaching, research, student or faculty programming, student support, community outreach activities or other initiatives. Administrators whose primary responsibility is facilitating diversity and inclusion are ineligible for this award; however, they may nominate other members of the community.

This commitment to diversity and inclusion must be verifiable and documented, and may be demonstrated:

  • Through innovative pedagogy that advances students’ or the community’s understanding and commitment to diversity and inclusion. (Example: service learning project, video or other tangible products about an issue of diversity and inclusion whose visibility and impact extends beyond the classroom.)
  • By implementing programs that improve the university climate for minority groups, inter-ethnic, racial, religious group understanding and collaboration on campus. (Example: A CLP series aimed at encouraging meaningful dialogue among diverse groups and providing leadership and programs that promote understanding, awareness and appreciations of the many dimensions of diversity.)
  • Facilitating understanding and dialogues among diverse racial, ethnic, class or sexual minority groups.
  • By developing or sponsoring a single, major event (beyond one CLP) that promotes and cultivates diversity and inclusion.
  • By advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion of underrepresented groups across campus.
  • By effectively facilitating civil discourse and moderating group conflicts.
  • By making exceptional efforts to promote a university environment that is free from bias and discrimination.

The recipients will be announced at Fall Convocation and will receive a certificate and monetary reward.

Nomination Form

Nominations may be submitted by individual employees (including supervisors, direct reports and peers of the nominees), university organizations, employee networks and diversity councils. Self-nominations are also accepted. Nominated individuals should demonstrate efforts that foster greater appreciation, advancement and celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion at Furman beyond their primary, professional responsibilities. Nominations are due by April 7, 2023.