12 Useful Websites and Apps for College Students

Last updated January 31, 2024

Technology has made it easier than ever for students furthering their education to find information, answers to questions and helpful study guidance. From tools to help you study to productivity platforms, there are many useful websites for students to take advantage of during their time in school.

Are you looking for resources to make your studies easier, assignments better and student life more impactful? Take a look at our top list of useful websites for students.

Academic assistance websites

Academic assistance websites connect students with academic resources to succeed in their education and assist with their studies.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free, personalized courses for students in pre-K through college. Interactive online courses allow you to learn at your own pace, with practice exercises to test your knowledge and improve your comprehension. With early college courses such as algebra, art history and economics, you can use Khan Academy for extra study time or jump ahead on your courses during downtime.


Quizlet allows students to create their own flashcards, study sets and quizzes. Thanks to the AI, they also offer tools such as practice tests and expert Q&As to enhance your studies further. Quizlet is one of the most efficient and useful websites for students during study time when it comes to memorization needed for foreign language courses or collaborative study with a group.

Research and writing tools

Don’t be afraid of your next research paper. These useful research and writing websites for students help you create readable and grammatically sound essays.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free, special search engine used to source scholarly articles, theses, books and conference papers. Even more helpful for writers, it helps you track citations for your papers. Google Scholar is a great way to block out unverified sources on the wild web and find credible sources to include in your course assignments.


Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that proofreads your work for grammar and spelling errors. It also provides writing recommendations to enhance your language. Not only does it help you correct your writing, but it also teaches you why the correction helps the overall idea of your paper. Polished grammar and writing are critical for academic success and post-graduate communication. Grammarly provides browser plug-ins for use in Google Documents, email and message boards, so even your interpersonal communication is improved.

Productivity and organization tools

How do you stay organized and productive with a busy course schedule and social calendar? These useful productivity websites for students will help you do it all!


While Trello is technically a project management tool, it makes an excellent productivity enhancement to organize your class tasks and assignments with your social calendar, internship assignments and important dates. Trello enhances productivity by visualizing and prioritizing tasks, allowing you to see everything you need to do with due dates and to-do lists to help you complete them. You can also use it to collaborate on group projects.


Evernote allows students to improve their note-taking and keep course information organized. This tool is versatile for creating, organizing and syncing your notes across all your devices so you can study or share your class notes while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or riding the bus. You can also add images, PDFs, drawings and more to enhance your notes.

Career and internship platforms

These useful websites for students aren’t just for post-graduate life. Use these tools to find internships and connect with opportunities for real-world experience.


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform for social and career advancement. Here, you can create a professional profile, share your resume, connect with classmates, colleagues and other professionals and explore internship or career opportunities. LinkedIn offers free seminars and courses to help you advance your career and professional learning.


To find internships and gain real-world experience, use Indeed to explore thousands of job opportunities worldwide. You can upload your resume to allow employers to find you. Indeed offers the tools you need to read company reviews and explore salary information so you can make informed decisions for the next step in your career.

Learning platforms beyond the classroom

Employers are looking for knowledge that goes beyond the classroom, like emotional intelligence and problem-solving. These useful websites allow students to enhance their learning.


TED-Ed offers access to thousands of big ideas from students, educators and mentors who are shifting thinking and changing how we view the world. These quick, engaging “lessons” supplement classroom learning and encourage critical thinking about hot topics such as climate change, social and economic topics, scientific phenomena and even happiness.


Have you ever wanted to explore another language? Duolingo makes language lessons fun and memorable. Its gamified approach to language acquisition allows you to learn a new language with quick, bite-sized lessons that are free and accessible right from your phone.

Health and well-being resources

Just as important as learning new skills is physically and mentally caring for yourself. These useful health-focused websites give students an easy way to track their well-being.


As one of the most popular meditation and mindfulness apps, Headspace helps students manage the stress of juggling college life, classwork and personal life. Its content library offers mood-boosting meditations, sleep exercises and focus music to help you care for your most important organ – your brain.


MyFitnessPal is a fitness and nutrition tracking app used to keep a score of your physical activity and nutrition. You can record your workouts and track macros directly in the app while also saving workouts and meals that you use frequently to save time and effort.

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Whether you found yourself here to help keep your college course notes organized or to find a tool to connect you with potential internships, these useful websites for students can help you achieve your goals both in the classroom and out. They can be useful well beyond your college career, too. As you explore academic and career prep tools, you’ll find that all the apps and websites contribute to your overall well-being and success throughout your years at university.

Are any of these useful websites already part of your daily routine? Share your favorites with us or suggest additional resources to help your fellow students.

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