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Last updated October 10, 2019

By Web Admin

Hey there! My name is Alex Rick and I am so stoked to share my life at Furman with you guys! Here’s everything you need to know about me:

Hometown: Orlando, Florida. Think Disney World, Publix subs, crazy Florida man, and warm, sunny beaches. Yep, that’s where I’m from- and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Major: I’m definitely majoring in Communications, and I might add a double or a minor on top of that. I’m still figuring it out– and I have all year so that’s a huge plus! 

Graduation Year: Class of 2022. So, I’m a sophomore. Right in the thick of the Furman Advantage. Time FLIES at Furman! I cannot believe I’ve already been back in GVL for two months!

What I’m involved with on campus: I love love LOVE all of the different opportunities Furman has for students to get involved. I’m currently involved in FUSAB (Furman University Student Activities Board…chandz!), FUtones (Furman’s super cool coed acapella group), Tri Delta (woohoo greek life), Orientation Staff (you know, the crazy people that have enough energy for the entire student population and have dance parties at 7 am?), and I’m psyched to start working for the admissions office through this social media internship! 

A list of favorites…

Favorite song: Right now my go-to is Light On by Maggie Rogers! Def listen if you want a bop for a good ole windows down jam sesh!

Favorite place: Boca Grande, FL. This little 7-mile island on the West coast of FL has my heart. My grandparents live here and it holds my very favorite memories with my favorite people– I even got to bring my college besties here for spring break! 

Favorite DH meal: Their scrambles and omelets are SO good. 11/10 recommend. Also, every Furman student knows about the DH cookies! At one point freshman year, I was having easily three cookies a day. Luckily, I learned some self-control and now I limit it to one per day. 

Favorite Furman memory: This is so hard! I would say all the nights my best friends and I would drive around with the windows down, Cookout milkshake in hand, jamming out to our favorite songs and talking about life. Furms is such a special place, and it’s given me some of my all time favorite memories. 

Favorite scent: Anything fall scented! I want all of the pumpkin candles Bath & Body Works has to offer!!! 

Favorite quote: “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody” -Kid President // I ADORE this & think it is so fitting and applicable to every age range!

Favorite study spot on campus: Upstairs in Trone is always my go-to! As long as I don’t get distracted by the HGTV shows on the TV I can normally be pretty productive. Also, the chairs are so comfy and the Pden is right downstairs!  (Pro tip: ask for Nutella on your Berry Bowl at Sweet & Savory! Life changing.)

Favorite study spot off-campus: Greenville has the BEST coffee shops. I am a frequent visitor to The Village Grind, Caviar & Bananas, and Spill the Beans! You can catch me at any of these locations most Tuesday’s!   

Favorite GVL restaurant: Hmm, for places on the nicer side I would have to say either Tupelo Honey or Soby’s! For more casual I would say UP on the Roof or Barley’s Taproom! You really can’t go wrong with picking a good restaurant in GVL. If you ever need a restaurant recommendation pls lmk because I am very passionate about food- specifically brunch 😉

Any advice on how to adjust to college? Take all of the opportunities. Freshman year is a time to explore and figure out what you’re interested in, so take full advantage. Sign up for that club, say yes when your hallmate asks if you want to get ice cream, grab lunch with the person that sits next to you in class, and remember that your value and self-worth is not measured by the number at the top of the test you didn’t do as great on as you’d hoped. Freshman year was one of, if not the best year of my life, and I encourage you to take advantage of everything that falls in your path.  

I hope you enjoyed reading the SparkNotes version of me! Stay tuned to hear more about my Furman experience throughout the semester. If you have any questions or concerns about Furman please reach out to me! My insta is @alexandra_rick ! And as always, Roll Dins!

Have a happy week!!