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A Heartfelt Reunion: An Interview with My Best Friend at Furman

Last updated June 3, 2024

By Pratik Shrestha

This week was more than just ordinary; it was a heartwarming reminder of friendship and growth. My best friend, from our high school days in Nepal, visited me. Pranish and I have taken different paths since moving to the States – he to New Jersey for his Computer Science and Business Analytics degree and I to Furman. Despite the physical distance, he ensures to visit every year, turning these moments into a tradition I dearly look forward to. This year, we decided to mix it up a bit with a candid interview about his impressions of Furman, our evolving friendship, and more. Here’s what unfolded.

What went through your mind the first time you saw Furman?

Pranish: Oh, Furman was a revelation. It’s a big university! You know, coming from my small-sized university and the hustle of New Jersey, Furman was refreshingly different. There’s this genuine kindness in the air – people often stop to chat, not because they want something, but just to be nice. It’s that Southern charm, I guess. I’ve been able to make new friends as well. And the campus? Stunning. The lake, Furman Tower… it’s not just about the looks;  I like the sense of community that the campus has and the wealth of resources.”


Have you seen any changes in me after I joined Furman?

Pranish: For sure. You were always smart, but now there’s this openness in you. It’s like Furman has opened your eyes to the bigger picture – global issues, social justice, the whole nine yards. We’ve had our share of deep talks, but I think your experience here has broadened your perspective. It’s nice to see you becoming more aware and engaged with the world. Makes our conversations even more interesting.”


Thinking of coming back to Furman sometime soon?

Pranish: Definitely! It’s my second time visiting and I am enjoying this a lot just like last year. But seriously, visiting once a year feels just right. Each time offers something new, a different way of seeing things. Being at another college, which is very different from yours, one as unique as Furman, is eye-opening. It’s like getting a sneak peek into how students in other universities live and learn, broadening my worldview. And yeah, it’s always a fantastic learning opportunity.”


Would you consider studying here if you had the chance?

Pranish: It’s a thought. When I was looking for my best-fit college, I was looking for something else – something closer to the city and in the northeast region. But Furman? It’s got its own appeal. The community, the opportunities, and just the overall vibe are inviting. I’m pretty content with where I am, but I won’t deny that Furman could have been a great fit too. It’s not what I was looking for back then, but I can see how it could have been amazing in its own right.”

This interview wasn’t just about getting answers; it was a reflection on how far we’ve come and the paths we’ve chosen. My friend’s visits are a beacon of our enduring friendship, and his insights into Furman and our shared journey underscore the diverse experiences that shape us. Through his eyes, I’ve come to appreciate even more the unique environment Furman offers and the growth it has fostered in me. It’s a reminder that while we may venture on different paths, our roots remain intertwined, enriched by our experiences and the conversations that flow from them.