Panhellenic Love

Furman has so many amazing clubs and organizations, but if I had to pick one of my favorites, it might have to be the Panhellenic Council. This organization works to maintain a connection with all Greek life organizations, but specifically all sororities on campus! They help all sororities succeed and create a supportive environment for our school to encourage each other. This organization is so important for many reasons, but it’s special to know that all sororities have people that are there for them and there’s a whole community here at Furman to show this support.

The group of people who work on Panhellenic is unmatched. They are so passionate and driven about everything they do while also being very efficient. There are a lot of different events this organization puts on and so much of their work is done behind the scenes. Panhellenic makes it easy to take on leadership roles and learn more about yourself and how to work with others. So much of the work Panhellenic does revolves around teamwork and communication with other organizations.

One of Panhellenic’s biggest responsibilities is increasing the community among all sororities. They encourage one another to support every sorority event, and this makes our campus so much stronger! One of the things I love most about the small school aspect at Furman is how easy it is to build relationships with girls in other sororities. No matter where you find your home, you can easily stay just as close with your friends in other sororities and build new connections with girls over the years.

I am serving as Director of Greek Week on the Panhellenic Executive Board and I’m so excited about this position! Greek Week is a time where the entire campus participates in events to support one another, compete, and raise money all for a great cause. Some of my favorite memories are from Greek Week and I can’t wait to start planning these events for the next year. The most popular part of this week is definitely Greek Groove where all sororities and fraternities make a dance routine to compete for the title of Greek Grove Winner! It can get very competitive, but all the proceeds from this event go towards the charity chosen for all of Greek Week. Last year, we raised money for the Ryan Wood Memorial Fund, the Caroline Smith Foundation, and the Ava Devine Foundation. These charities are so special to Greek life at Furman, and it was so meaningful to donate our money to these causes.

SO many things about Panhellenic benefit our campus and I’m so excited to be part of the council this year. There are definitely big things happening here this year!

All the love!


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