Student speaking to faculty member

Career Opportunities

A degree in physics can set you up for a wide range of careers. The traditional research and academic route is always open, but new technologies give physics majors even more choices. The medical field is full of opportunities. Both Raman spectroscopy and Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy can be used in bio-medical research and we have both systems in our labs. Some of our undergraduate research has been dedicated to using the Raman spectroscopy system to develop new ways for diabetics to check their blood-sugar levels. It also has pharmacy applications to see if a drug is counterfeit.

Law and business schools are increasingly interested in students with a physics education. New technology is constantly being developed and law firms and businesses need experts who understand the principles behind the technology. The same is true for high-tech software companies. In fact, some of our graduates have started their own businesses.

A liberal arts degree is in high demand no matter what you do in the work force. In addition to enhancing your technical skills, you’ll leave Furman knowing how to think critically, how to learn, how to see things from multiple perspectives and how to evaluate and create. These are skills that can be applied to any career and it’s part of the reason our graduates are so successful.