Constructed in 1957, White Oaks serves as home to the president. This 9,750 square-foot mansion was bequeathed to Furman in 1992 by Homozel Mickel Daniel. White Oaks has hosted ambassadors, governors and even a president–Richard Nixon.

The stately house was built by Daniel Construction Company, which was founded and headed by Mrs. Daniel’s husband, Charles E. Daniel. It was based on the restored Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia, but is larger and more extensively landscaped.

Located less than a mile from campus, the architectural jewel was designed by the noted architect Philip Trammell Shutze of Atlanta. Known as an American Classicist, Shutze frequently took as his inspiration Italian villas or 18th-century American houses. He was especially noted for the fine detailing in his buildings.

The interiors are original creations, and a number, including the entry hall and dining room, feature exquisite carvings by master craftsman Herbert Millard. The home is also graced by the lovely antiques Mrs. Daniel collected, many of them Georgian, and numerous fine oil paintings.

Shutze situated the house on the crest of a hill and surrounded it with formal landscaping typical of the 18th century. Guests are especially charmed by the English garden and restored rose garden.

White Oaks hosts a variety of community and university events.

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