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USC School of Medicine-Greenville Application Guidelines

While students pursuing a degree in medicine generally apply to medical school as seniors, our unique arrangement with the University of South Carolina School of Medicine-Greenville allows juniors at Furman to gain early admission to the medical school. Rising juniors who meet eligibility requirements can apply for the Early Admission Program.

If you would like to pursue this opportunity, familiarize yourself with our application guidelines, and begin working on your application. Our office must receive all application materials by December 1.


Rising juniors who have completed four semesters at Furman University are eligible to apply to the Early Acceptance Program at the USC-Greenville School of Medicine. Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.60 and a minimum Early Acceptance Program pre-requisite course GPA of 3.60 at the end of the fall semester of their junior year.

Required Coursework

To apply, you must complete the following courses at Furman University with no grade below a C by the end of the fall semester of your junior year.

  • BIO 111: Foundations of Biology
  • BIO 210/211/212: Genetics
  • CHM 110: Foundations of Chemistry
  • CHM 115: Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and the Environment
  • CHM 120: Organic Chemistry
  • CHM 220: Bioorganic Chemistry
  • PHY 111: General Physics I
  • Biochemistry (BIO 303, CHM 460 or SCI 220)

These courses should be completed at Furman (not at another institution). We will not accept courses completed on a Pass-No Pass basis with a grade of “P.” You may use advanced placement (AP) credit for only one of the above courses.

Applicants must also complete a psychology course (PSY 111) and a sociology course (SOC 101) by the end of the junior year. Although Physics II is not required by the USC School of Medicine-Greenville, material from the course is covered on the MCAT. As such, applicants should plan to complete PHY 112 by the end of the junior year.

Additional Requirements

Both Furman and the USC School of Medicine-Greenville expect applicants to obtain healthcare experience (patient-focused hours, observation) and participate in volunteer, community, and campus-wide extracurricular activities, as required of all students preparing for application to medical school. A minimum number of healthcare experience-related hours are not required; however, applicants should gain enough experience to properly demonstrate, during an interview, a broad understanding of the expectations, responsibilities, and accountabilities of a physician.

Application Deadlines

The Early Acceptance Program Application opens on October 1. The completed application must be received in our office by December 1 in the fall semester of your junior year.

Letters of Recommendation

You will need to have three letters of recommendation sent to our office by December 1 in the fall semester of your junior year. One of these letters must be from a science faculty member at Furman University.

When requesting a letter of recommendation, provide evaluators with this Early Admission Program Recommendation FormĀ [PDF].

Note: If you are selected to be interviewed by the USC School of Medicine-Greenville in the spring semester of your junior year, you will need to request a third letter.

Understanding the Application Process

If you meet existing requirements as an applicant, you will be interviewed by the Furman Early Acceptance Program Committee beginning in January in the spring semester of your junior year.

Applicants selected by the committee will be recommended to the USC School of Medicine-Greenville by March of the junior year. If the committee does not recommend you as an applicant, you will be notified at this time so that you can continue preparing for the normal application process.

All recommended applicants will then be interviewed and evaluated by the admissions committee at the USC School of Medicine-Greenville in April. You will receive a decision on acceptance from the Early Acceptance Program by April 30 of your junior year.

If accepted, USC School of Medicine-Greenville will approve you to submit an application as an early assurance applicant, thus confirming your acceptance in the AMCAS system as required. The AMCAS fee will be waived for these applicants.

Taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Your admission is contingent on an MCAT score that must be received no later than July 31 in the summer following the junior year.

Committing to the Early Admission Program

If you are accepted, you must accept or reject your acceptance within two weeks; a matriculation deposit of $250 (applied to tuition) is required. Once you accept the offer of admission to the USC School of Medicine-Greenville through the Early Acceptance Program, you cannot apply to any other medical schools during the same application cycle. Before being allowed to apply to other medical schools through AMCAS in the same application cycle, you must formally reject the Early Admission Program offer of admission.

Application Resources and Forms

We have collected all the documents and information that you’ll need to apply to the Furman and USC School of Medicine-Greenville Early Acceptance Program: