Tommy Lai, Class of 2026, Hearst Fellow

Tommy Lai

Hearst Fellow

  • Hometown: Bakersfield, California
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What do you plan to study?

Japanese Studies and Anthropology

Why did you want to be a Hearst Fellow?

I figured Hearst would be a great opportunity to build connections and get help so you can be prepared for whatever Furman throws at you.

What has coming to Furman meant to you?

Furman is another chapter in my life. It's something incredibly new and a little nerve-racking, but I am excited all the same to learn and grow as a person.

What do you like to do you in your spare time?

I like to laze around in my spare time. Sometimes I'll read a book, listen to music, play video games, or just chat with friends.

What's a quirky fact about you, or what would the title of your autobiography be?

I've lived in a lot of places in my life such as: California, Texas, Germany, Vietnam, Washington State, Kentucky, and now South Carolina!

What organizations are you a part of?

Hearst Fellows