Scott Murr

Scott Murr

Associate Professor of Health Sciences

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Dr. Scott Murr, Assistant Professor in the Health Sciences Department joined the Furman faculty in 1998.

After graduating from Furman in 1984, Scott Murr spent 8 years in the fitness industry working as a YMCA Fitness Director, Corporate Fitness Specialist, and Exercise Testing Director/Consultant. Scott’s interest in endurance exercise led him to graduate school in 1992. After completing his Master’s degree at Slippery Rock University, Scott continued his graduate studies at the University of Georgia, where he completed his Ed.D. in Exercise Science in 1997. Prior to returning to Furman in 1998, Scott was an Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Sport Studies at Anderson College.

In addition to teaching in the Health Sciences Department, Scott served as the Director of the Furman Fitness Center and Aquatics for 15 years. During his tenure as Fitness Director, Scott was involved in the $10 million renovation of the Physical Activities Center which was completed in 2009. He currently instructs HSC 101 Wellness Concepts, HSC 230 Analysis of Human Performance, HSC 331 Analysis of Cardiovascular Function and HSC 332 Practicum in Exercise Testing.  Scott is also the Director of the Molnar Human Performance Laboratory. Scott continues to actively promote healthy living on Furman campus and the throughout the Greenville community. Scott currently serves as the advisor to the Furman Triathlon Club. Scott is also a contributing writer for PACE magazine, the local running magazine.

Scott is co-founder of the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST) and is the Training Performance Director of FIRST.  FIRST promotes running as a healthy physical activity by providing training based on scientific principles and research.  Scott is co-author of Runner's World Run Less Run Faster (2012) and Runner’s World Train Smart, Run Forever (2017).

Scott Murr is a 35 year veteran in the sport of triathlon and has been running marathons even longer. Scott did his first marathon in 1982, his first triathlon in 1984 (alongside his Furman mentor Dr. Sandy “Optimal Man” Molnar), and his first ironman distance race in 1988. From marathons to cycling centuries to triathlons, Scott has competed in over 300 endurance events. Having competed in Ironman Europe, Ironman Canada, Ironman USA, and the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona Hawaii, Scott is a 12 time Ironman Triathlon finisher.

Scott Murr, a native of Thomasville, N.C. and his wife Leslie Fraser, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, reside in Greenville. Leslie is also a 1984 Furman grad and is a retired Systems Analyst from Fluor Corporation. They have two teenage children who keep them quite busy.​


  • Ed.D., University of Georgia
  • M.S., Slippery Rock University
  • B.A., Furman University


  • Physiological assessments of human fitness and high-performance athletes
  • Training and conditioning all levels, especially new runners and multisport athletes
  • Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance
  • Performing in extreme environments