Kara Justus

Kara Justus

Hearst Fellow

  • Hometown: Mountain Rest, SC
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What do you plan to study?

I'm an aspiring high school math teacher, so a mathematics major lies in my future!

Why did you want to be a Hearst Fellow?

While the academic opportunities and supportive mentors are great and all, I wanted to surround myself with others who understand the value of getting to know people for people, regardless of socioeconomic status. “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” -Brad Montague

What has Furman meant to you during this period of change?

When people from Mountain Rest ask me how I’m adjusting to campus, it doesn’t cross my mind for a second that Furman is anything but home. As I transition into the college experience, Furman has met all my expectations—even those I didn’t realize I had. It’s been a blessing.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I'm a big fan of knitting, reading, and spending time outdoors. When I'm at home, I love hanging around the barn with my cows and blaring music on aimless drives through winding mountain roads.

What's a quirky fact about you, or what would the title of your autobiography be?

A quirky fact about me is that I probably watch the same old shows your grandma does—Murder She Wrote, MacGyver, Monk, Matlock, and so many more.


Aside from Hearst Fellows, I’m involved on campus with Heller Service Corps, FUOC, and EVM.