Joe Merry

Joseph Merry

Associate Professor, Sociology

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Joseph J. Merry is an Associate Professor of Sociology. He received his M.A. (2012) and Ph.D. (2015) in Sociology from The Ohio State University and his B.A. (2010) in Sociology and Spanish from John Carroll University. He is married to Emma, a licensed psychologist practicing in Greenville.

Joe joined the Furman University Sociology Department in 2015. He regularly teaches courses on Sociology of Education, Social Class in America, Introductory Sociology, Research Methods, Quantitative Analysis, and Comparative Social Policy. He has also taught two May Experience courses – ‘Family Tree Sociology’ on campus and a Study Away course, ‘International Perspectives on Public Education’ in Finland and the Czech Republic.

His research agenda covers three main areas. 1) Sociology of Education – previous work in this subfield focuses on a broader contextualization of the role schools play in society. Published articles investigate early child social conditions, private tutoring and supplementary educational services, and seasonal comparison studies that contrast student learning patterns during the school year with learning gains/losses that occur during the summer months. 2) Sibling Effects – this part of his research agenda examines the long-term social outcomes of growing up with (more) siblings. Publications document the role siblings play for relationship formation and dissolution, trust, and socio-political beliefs. 3) Inequality Beliefs – this line of research investigates the social determinants of attitudes and beliefs toward economic inequality, redistributive social policy, and meritocracy.

Joe appreciates the many opportunities provided on campus to collaborate with peers and students. He regularly advises student researchers and internship experiences and has worked closely with colleagues in the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities, the Osher Lifelong Learning Program, the Riley Institute, the College Advising Corps, and the Shucker Leadership Institute.


  • Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • M.A., Ohio State University
  • B.A., John Carroll University

(* denotes student coauthor)

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    • 2016 Research Paper Award, Asia and Asian America Section of the American Sociological Society
  • Kołczyńska, Marta and Joseph J. Merry. 2016. “Preferred Levels of Income Inequality in a Period of Systemic Change: Poland 1988-2003.” Polish Sociological Review 194(2): 171-189.
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  • Merry, Joseph J. 2013. “Tracing the U.S. Deficit in PISA Reading Skills to Early Childhood: Evidence from the U.S. and Canada.” Sociology of Education 86 (3): 234-252.
    • Stevenson Graduate Student Paper Award, Sociology of Education Section of the American Sociological Association.
    • Maureen T. Hallinan Graduate Student Paper Award (2nd Place), American Educational Research Association.