Jessica Moss, Center for Innovative Leadership

Jessica Moss

Business Development & Collaboration Strategist

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Jessica has a flair for bringing fantastic, strategic ideas to life and is dedicated to helping companies, organizations and individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. She is a passionate business development and collaboration strategist specializing in building purposeful relationships with Talent and Leadership Development, Corporate, and HR Partners. Artful at strategic consultation to align the needs of the business community partner with development of programs.

Jessica’s extensive background includes 25 years+ experience in business development and strategy for Corporate, Start-ups and Higher Education. Her strong, interpersonal-savvy skills lend to her keen abilities to understand others, set clear expectations, and find creative ways to implement strategic partnerships.

She has lived in the Upstate for over 15 years and is an active volunteer and advocate for continuing to grow the area in a thoughtful, equitable and strategic manner. She serves on the Board for Bike Walk Greenville and Momentum Bike Clubs.