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Furman University Graduate Assistantship: Looking Forward with Graduate Assistants

In the diverse landscape of higher education at Furman University, the role of a graduate assistant is not just a job, but an immersive experience that paves the way for future success. It offers a chance for students to dive into the realms of marketing, design, copywriting and podcast production and stand out as a valuable asset with real-world experience for future careers. In a recent episode of the “Go Further” podcast, host and producer McNeill Mullikin delved into the intricacies of the position alongside Marketing and Recruitment Specialist, Sara Beth Trimble, and graduate assistant, Anne Heaton Sanders. 

Graduate Assistant – Anne Heaton Sanders.

Mullikin and Sanders, alongside Simran Goel, are the first students to participate in a graduate assistantship at Furman, working with the Office of Graduate Studies and Furman’s Center for Innovative Leadership. Each was hired based on a specific skill set that harmoniously contributes to the dynamic nature of their roles. Mullikin, a skilled copywriter and podcast aficionado, emphasizes the potential for teamwork regarding podcasting for future graduate assistants, while Sanders, a graphic designer with a flair for social media, highlights the importance of collaboration within a shared office space. The ability to receive constructive criticism and feedback without taking it personally, as Mullikin points out, is crucial for fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

The graduate assistantship at Furman is more than just a part-time job; it’s a hands-on experience akin to working in an agency or internal marketing department. The 20-hour maximum work week provides flexibility for students to prioritize their academic commitments. Trimble underlines the importance of seizing networking chances and applying skills to diverse projects—a strategy that not only enhances the resume but also helps identify personal preferences within the dynamic fields of design and marketing. Additionally, Mullikin encourages students to view the position as a chance to explore different facets of design and marketing. 

Go Further host and producer, McNeill Mullikin, recording a podcast with Master of Arts in Advocacy and Equity Studies director, Dr. Shaniece Criss.

Mullikin and Sanders stress the significance of time management for successfully balancing part-time work with full-time studies. Learning how to juggle responsibilities early on ensures both work and academic success. The role helps students build a strong foundation in their chosen fields and opens doors to extensive networking opportunities, as Mullikin attests to his unexpected journey from creative writing to podcast production. Mullikin’s podcast responsibilities extend beyond hosting, as coordinates with various guests, researches topics, edits recordings and handles technical aspects. 

As Trimble reflects on the tremendous growth she has witnessed in the graduate assistants over just three months, it’s evident the Furman Strategic Design program, along with its dedicated professors, plays a pivotal role in shaping skilled professionals. For prospective graduate assistants, the advice is clear: don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek guidance. Mullikin and Sanders are open to sharing their experiences, emphasizing the importance of communication and fostering a supportive community.

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist – Sara Beth Trimble

As the spring semester approaches, curious students should explore graduate assistantship opportunities at Furman University. Take the initiative to learn more, discuss your concerns and discover the transformative journey that awaits. The doors are open for all Furman University graduate students ready to go further in their academic and professional pursuits by supporting the marketing needs for Graduate Studies and the Center for Innovative Leadership. Reach out to your program director and apply to become a part of a vibrant community that values collaboration, growth, and the pursuit of excellence.