Wellness, Belonging and Community

The greatest impact on learning, development and preparedness comes when outstanding people, programs and facilities share a focus on student success.

Through CLEARLY FURMAN, we will ensure that all three factors combine to bring out the best in our students, from their intellectual and personal skills to their capacity to work effectively with others, from their self-understanding to their adeptness facing challenges across their lives.

Funding Opportunities
Academic Commons

When this campaign succeeds, our James B. Duke Library will become an integrative one-stop student support hub featuring an array of high-touch and high-tech resources and services, including engaged learning, accessibility, academic coaching, time management, peer-assisted learning and faculty development. Seamlessly coordinating services and staffing, the Academic Commons will become a cornerstone for student retention, progression, degree completion and post-graduate success.

  • Goal: $4,300,000
The Potential is Extraordinary

Guided by our strengths as a university, focused on learning experiences that empower students to achieve their most inspiring ambitions, we will do more than meet our mission and advance Furman’s reputation for excellence. As we become a national model for higher education, we will, through our graduates, influence action and ideas across the 21st century. This is the possibility within reach, and with your support we will make it happen.


Clearly Furman Priorities

Building on the best of Furman, we will elevate the university's excellence, access and impact through these five campaign priorities.