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Student Conferences

The Office of Undergraduate Research will support students presenting their work at virtual and in-person conferences beginning Fall 2021. Completed applications, along with supporting documents, should be submitted to the Center for Engaged Learning office. Review the​​ Guidelines for Funding to Present at a Virtual or In-Person Conference for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or email the CEL coordinator, Cassie Klatka.

Submit a conference funding application for a student conference or event

Guidelines for Funding to Present at a Virtual or In-Person Conference

Students are eligible to apply for funds for virtual conferences or travel to conferences/events where they will present or perform results of their research or creative activity that was undertaken as part of a Furman academic endeavor such as a summer research project or a project in an academic course. Students are urged to talk with faculty mentors to determine the most appropriate conference in which to participate.

  • In-Person Domestic Conferences/Events

Students may apply to be considered to receive funding from the Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) for one in-person domestic conference/event, with a maximum award of $1000 per academic year. Additional funding may be available for long-distance conference travel.

  • Virtual Conferences

Students may present at more than one virtual conference per year. Associated costs will not be applied toward the maximum award for in-person conferences/events.

  • In-Person International Conferences/Events

Students may apply for a maximum award of $1500 per academic year to present at an in-person international conference/event. Please reach out to the CEL staff regarding pandemic related travel advisories and additional international travel requirements.

Important Information

  • The Conference funding application  should be completed and submitted to our office as soon as possible, and before purchases are made; applications should ideally be submitted no less than  2 months in advance of the conference; due to inflationary pressures, availability of travel, including hotel room blocks, any applications submitted less than 2 months (8 weeks) in advance of a conference may be cost prohibitive.
  • The CEL staff can make purchases on behalf of the student to simplify the reconciliation process; if a student or department wishes to make their own purchases, they should reach out to CEL staff in advance to get approval to do so; once pre-approved, students or departments can reconcile their expenses
  • When purchasing conference registration, it is often more cost effective to purchase the organizational membership fee (if necessary); the CEL will support funding the membership in this circumstance
  • Students who graduate in May 2022 are eligible to receive support through September 2022—based on the premise that conference calendars do not necessarily align with Furman’s calendar and graduation schedule
  • If you will be presenting a research poster see our suggested templates for research posters

Application Process

1. Submit a conference funding application along with the following documentation a minimum of 2 months prior to the conference/event date in order for funding to be approved:

  • An abstract of the presentation
  • A copy of acceptance letter or e-mail
  • A signed consent form

2. After you submit your application, your faculty sponsor will be notified for their approval. Note: Faculty traveling with more than one student in an official capacity should review the guidelines for Furman-sponsored overnight trips for students on the Furman Focused website and submit the appropriate documentation as required.

3. Once your application is approved by your faculty sponsor, Student Conference Travel will review your application, contact you with any questions, and issue final approval and next steps

Post Conference

Within one week of the presentation, you will receive an email from with a link to complete the post-conference report and confirmation of participation (if available).