The Office of Undergraduate Research provides support for students presenting their work through Furman at professional conferences, including poster printing. Completed applications, along with supporting documents, should be submitted to the Center for Engaged Learning office. Review the​​ Guidelines for Funding to Present at a Virtual or In-Person Conference for more information. Once you have reviewed the Guidelines, you can apply for funding.

Student Conference Travel Process


1. Review the travel guidelines

2. Submit your application 2 months in advance of the conference/event

3. Receive approval from your faculty sponsor

4. Receive approval from the Student Travel Office

5. Meet with the Student Travel Office to register and book your travel

6. Attend your conference (have someone take photos of you presenting!)

5. Complete the Post-Conference Report and any other followup paperwork

Apply for Funding

Our office will fund travel to one conference per student, per academic year; the spending limit is $1,250 for domestic travel and $1,750 for international travel, with allowance for higher cost travel on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty traveling together with a group of more than 5 students may complete the group application to request funding rather than students applying individually. Please note that departments should wait to receive approval before making purchases.

Contact the Student Travel Office if you have any questions or need additional information.