Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Virtually everything we use creates varying degrees of waste throughout its lifecycle from extraction, harvesting, manufacturing or transport of materials, to use and disposal of the product. Furman aspires to be zero waste and invests in recycling, composting, and reducing and reusing materials to be a good steward of its surrounding communities.

Did You Know?

Furman had recently partnered with RAM and Fisher Recycling to recycle glass on campus. The recycled glass was being used in eco-countertops, table tops, pool surrounds, fireplace surrounds, and other hard surfaces. 

Furman composts all of the pre- and post-consumer waste from the dining hall, which it uses as a natural fertilizer on the organic practice farm. Most years the farm composts over 40 tons of food waste!

Furman has a move-in recycling program, where students set up recycling stations outside of the residence halls and collect the cardboard and boxes used during the move-in process. The program recycles upwards of 6 tons of cardboard in a few days!

Beginning in 2014 Furman introduced a printing quota to encourage students to print less. All printers/copiers print double-sided by default.

During end of the year move-out, Furman partners with the Frazee Dream Center, a local nonprofit that serves those in need, to collect and re-distribute donated items. 

What’s Next?

In our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we intend to:

  • Compost paper towels in the bathrooms in the academic buildings.
  • Further develop our Green Office program.
  • Develop Green Cleaning Supply guidelines.
  • Reduce food waste at catered events. 
  • Foster paperless courses and classrooms.